hey guys

All new blogs should start off with an apology for adding to this noisy and relentless din of voices that is the internet.  So, I’m sorry. I hopefully, there will be an equal amount of “quiet,” or persuasion towards it, within what I post here.

I’ll try to keep it “poetry/writing”-focused, but will stray a little I’m sure. I hope to make it useful and informative – less about me, and more about the things I am passionate about. I occasionally write concert reviews that I will link here. I’m also toying with the idea of writing little reviews of books I like. Or at least poems I like. Or sentences.  I probably won’t share much of my own poetry, but if stuff appear online, I will link to it.

I was hesitant about making a dotcom with my own name, but I’m trying to be less shy and cryptic about my online presence. In any case, it’ll be easier for people to find me this way, and I’ll keep this as the ‘roof’ for all my scattered identities.

Hi, my name is Raoul and I live and write in Vancouver B.C.  Thanks for visiting.

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