Poetic Justice Reading

As much as it is weird and uncomfortable to see video of myself, (and sharing it for that matter) it keeps me learning what I need to improve in my readings. I’ve often make a point to mute any theatric gestures or whatnot – but seeing how easy it is to get bored with watching a fellow reading from a paper on a stage, I would like to try amping it up just a little. While somehow still being my usual un-amped self.

Thanks to Candice James for inviting me out to read! I felt warmly welcomed and appreciated despite the low turn out.

Thanks as well as my “New West Peeps” for coming out to see me, especially my cousin Monisha who had us over for drinks and snacks after.

Poetic Justice happens every Sunday 3-5pm in the cosy backroom of the Heritage Grill in New Westminster, with 2 or 3 featured readers plus an open mic.


2 thoughts on “Poetic Justice Reading”

  1. I was thinking of wearing a cape and throwing handfuls of glitter? but a bit more memorization might be good, yes.
    that way I can look up and uh, aim the glitter.

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