New Poem in Forget Magazine

Forget Magazine

Here is a new poem and it’s called Dear Liza

Thanks to Nick Thran, contributing editor, for requesting that I send him some work for their newest issue. A long time ago Nick sent me a little note saying that he liked my poems in the Bronwen Wallace Award chapbook. At the time, I was all, neat, some dude on facebook likes my poems! Then I promptly forgot about it. Some time later at the Vancouver Poetry Conference, I saw this young poet read his poems and talk about poetry with a kind of nervous charm. I went up to him to tell him how much I liked his work. And he was all, “Oh, you’re Raoul right?, I sent you a message on facebook.”

I like that these connections happen. And I’m happy that he asked me to be part of this issue which seems to be an act of strengthening connections, forming associations. It’s humbling to be among the poets included in this issue and I recommend that you spend some time reading each of their fine poems.