Bronwen Wallace Awards Ceremony

I’m not feeling too wordy, so ‘ll let some pictures do the talking. I want to emphasize again how generous and welcoming the Writers’ Trust was to us finalists, and how much fun and great conversation I had with Garth Martens and Anne-Marie-Turza. As surreal as the whole experience was, I felt grounded by the genuineness and support of everyone around me.

Anne-Marie, me, and Garth
Anne-Marie, me, and Garth, with flowers on our clothes
megan, me, lindsay, and nick
Megan and I, and our friends Lindsay and Nick. I know them from Vancouver, and Lindsay particularly from the Writer's Studio where she was in my poetry group. It was so great to have them there and to kindly offer their place to us for a couple nights.
Lindsay and Nick again because they just look so damn good here (photo by Megan)
Peter Kahnert, raoul, adam sol
Me with Peter Kahnert, a board member of the Writer's Trust and wonderful poet, Adam Sol
Amanda Hopkins, Peter Kahnert, Kilby Smith-McGregor. I would like to especially thank Amanda, my main point of contact with the Writers' Trust, who helped make the experience so smooth and welcoming.
Garth Marten reads (photo by Megan)
Anne-Marie reads
Anne-Marie reads
I read
I read (photo by Megan)
My award to myself: Justifying wearing a hat like that. (photo by Megan)

See more pictures at the facebook page for the Writers’ Trust.