Poetic Wax

Oh boy, it feels like there hasn’t been time for even a tweet, let alone a blog entry. But I will try and catch up, though not in a very linear sort of way. The most significant poetry-related thing recently was my experience at the Skagit Poetry Festival, but I will save that blog entry for a time when I’m not at work on my dinner-break and dopey from pollen allergies.

Something easier to post for now – my first time on the radio! I was invited to Wax Poetic on Co-Op Radio to read poems and talk about stuff. It was fun and I was ridiculously nervous (but fairly good at hiding the nervousness, I think?). I was totally stumped when I was asked “What does the ocean teach us about love?” and sorta fumbled with abstract thoughts about love and my baby and ended up sounding like a big hippie. Though the question should have been “What does an elephant at the bottom of the ocean teach us about love?” to be more clearly referencing the poem. That would have been much easier to answer! Anyway, it was good experience and much thanks to RC Weslowski and Pam Bentley for making me feel at home and giving me a chance to share my poems with listeners. And thanks Pam for the thrilling ride home on your scooter.

You can listen to it/download the 30min show here. Wax Poetic airs every Wednesday at 2pm on Co-Op Radio 102.7 where there’s a new guest almost every week. Follow their blog here: http://poetryradio.blogspot.ca/


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