Well, since I did a radio-related post last, I’d just like to talk about the brilliant podcast, Bookworm, on KCRW that features/interviews a new author every week.   Host Michael Silverblatt comes across such an in-depth and sensitive reader of books, it must feel like an honor for writers to even know that he read their work.  David Foster Wallace, in one of his interviews on the show, seemed giddy and awed that Silverblatt picked up on how the structure of Infinite Jest is based on fractal patterns. (“Can I take you home?” DFW said at some point in the interview).  At first listen Silverblatt’s quiet earnestness and insight seemed a little unreal, but a few minutes in, you can see that it is totally genuine.  He has mastered the interviewing skill of creating a quiet and trustful space for the writers so they come across as thoughtful and intelligent as they are. Which seems simple, but isn’t.

A lot of great writers have appeared on the show’s 20+ years. Here’s a few of the ones I’ve check out that I’ve enjoyed (though I recommend you search through the archives for your favourities):

John Ashbery, Edgar Keret, Matthew Zapruder with Joshua Beckman, Anne Carson, David Foster Wallace, Wayne Koesenbaum, David Mitchell, Jonathan Lethem

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