Drawing by Megan
Unrelated-to-the-post-but-too-awesome-not-to-share drawing by Megan!

The last while has been a bit of a flurry of business-y activity that yours truly is not used to. Things like organizing readings, emailing, actually using a calendar. There is something fun about it, but I’ve also done very little poem writing as a result. Hope the idea of letting fields go fallow sometimes works the same for notebooks.

Also, I’ve updated this thing as you can tell. I’ve made it more like a website than a blog, and this could mean I blog even less than usual, but we’ll see. I heard that blogs are dying? That “what’s the point because Facebook/Twitter?” Anyway for now it’s nice to have some documentation even if no one is reading it.

Probably most significantly there is an Upcoming Readings page where I’ve noted the readings I have lined up for April and May. Excited  about all of them really. I’ll have more details soon.

If anyone is reading this do take a look around the site and let me know if there’s any mistakes or suggestions of what I should have here.

The book comes out ridiculously soon! I am in such complete and utter disbelief that I’m actually very calm about it.




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