Transmitting, Receiving

IMG_20150320_192926 (1)
Leith demonstrating how you can use the book to enhance your spidey sense!

Ok you guys, Transmitter and Receiver is officially out! I think it looks really beautiful, so shout out again to Carleton Wilson for his fine design work. It’s hard for me to read the poems though.. I feel kind of dizzy and nervous when I open the book, which is something I’ll need to get over probably. But yes, I’m pretty thrilled to finally have this object that can go out into the world and interact with human brains.

If you live in Vancouver and want to pick up a copy, I’d recommend Pulpfiction or Paper Hound. Paper Hound says they have a few copies right now, and Pulp Fiction is taking pre-orders at this date, at 30% off, which is a pretty sweet deal.

For those who’d like to get in the mail, I’d recommend ordering directly through Harbour Publishing.

Gonna keep this short. I’m feeling a lot of gratitude towards everyone who helped me get to this place. I hope it can be a small gift back to them.

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